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Egalement dans mon cas, des moments forts se sont produits.
Also in my own case, some strong moments took place where clumps of delusion fell away.
Soyez forts.
Stay strong StVincent St. Vincent YP ( StVincent_YP) January 13, 2015
Moments Forts
Negative Moments
Coffres forts
Containing, by weight, 93 or more of silica (SiO2)
Tôles forts
Heavy Plate
Chiffrements forts uniquement
Strong Ciphers Only
Vous êtes forts.
You are strong.
Ils sont forts.
They're strong.
Nous sommes forts.
We're strong.
Ils sont forts.
They're brave!
pour coffres forts
3.2 Les points forts
3.2 Strengths
Vous étiez tellement forts.
You were so strong.
Sont ils tous forts ?
Are they all strong?
Ensemble nous sommes forts!
So, together, we are a force!
Les plus forts survivent.
Survival of fittest.
Il bâtit quarante huit forts.
He built forty eight forts.
Possibilité de forts oragesweather forecast
Chance of severe thunderstorms
Nous voulons devenir plus forts.
So, learning is important.
Les temps forts du programme
Highlights of this year s programme include
Les groupes devinrent plus forts.
The groups became stronger.
J en garde des souvenirs forts.
I hold strong memories of it.
Quels sont tes points forts ?
What are your strong points?
Vous êtes jeunes et forts.
You're young and strong.
Et les messages sont forts
They speak directly to us and they are sending strong messages.
Pour toi, nous serons forts.
For you we will be strong.
Nous sommes beaucoup plus forts.
We are much stronger.
Mais plus forts contre qui ?
Stronger in opposition to Iraq?
Plus forts contre l' Irak ?
In opposition to the Serbs?
Plus forts contre les Serbes ?
Stronger in opposition to nations and nationalism?
Vous et vos gens forts !
You and your strong people!
Les tigres sont plus forts !
Tigers are stronger.
Coffres forts en métaux communs
Bars, rods, profiles and wire, of nickel alloys, n.e.s. (excl. electrically insulated products)
Ils sont aussi forts que nous.
They are as strong as us.
3.2 Les points forts (aspects positifs)
3.2 Strengths (positive aspects)
Nous avons de très forts soupçons.
Rossi. (DE) We have had cases in which the forwarding agent has quite simply fallen victim to fraudsters.
4. des locations de coffres forts.
4. hire of safes.
Flocons parfois forts ou aversesweather forecast
Flurries at times heavy or rain showers
Vous n'avez pas l'air très forts.
You don't look very strong.
Vous êtes plus forts que moi.
You're stronger than me.
L' Europe pour être plus forts.
But stronger than whom?
Les nains ne sont pas forts.
Midgets are not strong.
Les forts aideront les plus faibles.
The weak must be helped by the strong.
Que seulement les plus forts survivent ?
Did they ever suggest it might be a case of survival of the fittest?
Les faibles sont la nourriture des forts.
The weak are food for the strong.


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