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Imaginer ?
Imaginer un langage, c'est imaginer une forme de vie.
To imagine a language is to imagine a form of life.
Je peux juste imaginer, seulement imaginer ce que ça serait
I could only imagine, only imagine
Pouvait imaginer ?
Could you imagine?
Qu'allezvous imaginer?
Well listen to you!
Peuxtu imaginer?
Could you imagine?
Comment imaginer ?
Can you imagine?
Peuxtu imaginer ?
Can you beat that?
Qu'allezvous imaginer ?
What on Earth are you thinking?
Qu'allezvous imaginer ?
You kidding me?
Fallait imaginer.
We used our imagination.
Les imaginer ?
My imagination?
Comment imaginer le travailleur dans cette petite colonie, comment imaginer sa situation ????
How shall we imagine the worker in this small colony? How shall we imagine his situation?
Simple à imaginer.
Not hard to imagine.
Imaginer des histoires.
Useless daydreaming.
Vous pouvez imaginer ?
Can you imagine?
Difficile à imaginer ?
Hard to picture?
Imaginer cette orchestration.
Imagine that orchestration.
Pouvezvous imaginer ceci ?
Can you imagine that?
Pouvezvous imaginer cela ?
Can you imagine that?
Comment pouvaisje imaginer ?
how could I have imagined?
Difficile à imaginer.
That's hard to believe.
Vous imaginer ça ?
Can you imagine that?
Que pourrionsnous imaginer?
Now, what can we devise?
Pouvezvous imaginer ça ?
Look what he did to her. This, can you imagine,
Imaginer le futur
Looking to the future
Pouvez vous imaginer?
Can you imagine?
Que vastu imaginer ?
Why would we?
Peuxtu imaginer ça ?
Can you imagine it?
Qu'allezvous donc imaginer ?
Why, who ever heard of such a thing?
Que vastu imaginer ?
Can you imagine?
Pourquoi juste imaginer ?
We don't have to imagine.
Pouvezvous imaginer ça?
Can you imagine it?
Je peux imaginer.
I think I can get what that would be like.
je peux imaginer!
I can imagine!
Facile à imaginer.
Oh, I can imagine.
Comment imaginer ça ?
I never thought it would be like this.
Vous pouvez imaginer ?
Can you possibly imagine ?
Comment peutil imaginer...
He wants in. How about that?
Je peux imaginer.
I can imagine.
Que vastu imaginer ?
Why do you imagine such things?
Que vastu imaginer ?
Anna, what are you imagining?
Qu'allezvous donc imaginer ?
What kind of landlady do you think I am?
Dur à imaginer.
I can't imagine.


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