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  Exemples (Sources externes, pas examinées) intime?
in a more private place?
Plus intime.
How can I put it?
plus intime?
maybe a little darker?
Bien plus intime!
Much more intimate!
Plus intime, peutêtre ?
More intimate, maybe.
C'est plus intime.
Well, this is cozier.
C'est plus intime.
Nice and cozy.
C'est plus intime.
It's more intimate.
C'est plus intime.
It's cozier this way.
Continuez d'être plus intime .
Keep coming more close.
C'était plus intime avant...
Too bad, it was so intimate,
C'est plus intime ainsi.
It's more intimate like this.
Oui, c'est plus intime.
Yeah. It's more private.
On prévoyait plus intime.
We planned something much smaller. Yes, thank you.
Allumons, c'est plus intime.
Let's turn the lights on. It's more intimate.
Quoi de plus intime ?
Well, what could be more private?
Anastácio, c'est plus intime.
Call me Anastácio, it's friendlier.
Dans son plus intime ?
In the secret parts of fortune?
Ce sera plus intime.
Much more intimate, yes.
Bien plus intime, oui.
And I want you to call me Helen.
Ce sera plus intime.
We'll be more private in there.
d'un peu plus intime.
a little more intimate.
Comme ça...c'est plus...intime.
For you and your absent husband.
Voilà qui est plus intime.
That's much cosier. Now ...
Peutêtre plus intime, en têteàtête.
You know, maybe more intimate, oneonone.
Trouvons un endroit plus intime.
Let 's find some privacy.
Dans un endroit plus intime.
Someplace more private.
Essayez de jouer plus intime
Could you try a little more intimate for me? Intimate?
Non, c'est bien plus intime.
No, it's more intimate than that.
Pour la plus intime communion
A gorgeous matrimonial bed,
Dans une salle plus intime.
They booked me into a smaller house this time.
Alors, n'estce pas plus intime ?
Now, isn't that more cozy?
C'est un peu plus intime.
It's a little more private.
L'atmosphère y est plus intime.
More intimate.
Que l'on soit plus intime ?
Be more personal?
C'est intime, c'est intime, c'est intime.
It's intimate, intimate, intimate.
Votre relation n'étaitelle pas plus intime?
Was the relationship also not more intimate?
Elaine, quand estce devenu plus intime?
Elaine, when did it become intimate?
Allons dans un endroit plus intime.
Let's go somewhere more private.
C'est juste plus intime comme ça.
It's just more personal this way.
Ça pourrait difficilement être plus intime!
Well. That is intimate.
Quelque chose de plus intime, peutêtre.
Maybe something a little more intimate.
Ce sera plus intime chez moi.
I thought it'd be more private, here in my home.
Tu connais un endroit plus intime ?
Can you think of anyplace more private?
C'est plus intime, nos clients préfèrent.
There's more privacy, and a great many people prefer that.


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