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La potence La potence
Gallows tree Gallows tree
Pourtant, la potence l'attend. Pas la potence.
He just put loam on his wound and rode home!
Une potence.
A gallows.
La potence.
The gallows.
d) La potence
(d) Hanging
Epargnezmoi la potence.
And save me from the gallows.
A la potence !
Go on, to the gallows.
Gibier de potence?
Where do you get that jailbirds ?
À la potence.
Get that noose!
Gibier de potence !
You halter!
Gibier de potence...
Gallows dancers ? A pretty phrase, milady.
L'arbre à potence.
Hang tree.
Gibier de potence.
You! You criminal!
À la potence !
To the gallows!
A la potence !
To the gallows!
À la potence ?
The gallows? !
Gibier de potence !
You'll hang for this.
Guidon et potence
Minimum value of the required test force or minimum number of test cycles
Ça éviterait la potence.
Then we've done it right, without the gallows.
Mountjoy à la potence !
Woman Mountjoy to the gallows !
Mountjoy à la Potence
Good morning, Cynthia.
Mountjoy à la potence !
Mountjoy to the gallows !
En haut d'une potence
High upon the gallows tree
Encore devant la potence
Once more before the gallows
Du gibier de potence !
My God! Convicts!
Que signifie cette potence?
What does it mean? The gallows.
Ou de la potence!
And hell gnaw his ones!
On risque la potence!
We're both sitting under the gallows!
Un arbre à potence.
Hang tree.
La voilà. La Potence .
There she is, The Gallows.
Assez pour Ia potence.
Enough to send him to the gallows.
Oui, une potence, inspecteur.
Oh, yes as gallows Inspector.
Une corde de potence.
There's a noose.
La potence aux Boyards !
Boyars to the gallows!
Empaffé, gibier de potence...
Jar head. Fucking flagtop lifer.
La potence, c'est bien.
The gallows does well.
La potence mène à l enfer.
The gallows leads to hell.
Cette potence est pour moi !
That gallows is for me!
Un vrai gibier de potence.
I look like a wanted suspect.
Hou ! Mountjoy à la potence !
Mountjoy to the gallows !
Une hache et une potence.
An axe and a gallows.
Tout droit à la potence...
Tous à la potence, oui !
I'll have you all hanged!
Du bois pour la potence.
Where are they building those gallows?
La potence pour le roi !
Hang King George!